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Sexual Health Services
Whitegate Health Centre
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GUM/STI Screening Clinic Journey

Registration/Booking In

On arrival at Whitegate Health Centre, please go to the Sexual Health Services Clinic which is located on the ground floor on the left hand side of the building. Please go through the double doors and you will enter the reception and waiting room area for the clinic.

You can book into the clinic by two methods – you can fill out a registration form which you can collect from the receptionist (or download) or you can use one of our touch screen booking in units located in the reception area.

Please let the reception staff know if you have a referral letter or your partner is attending the clinic.

You will then be asked to have a seat in the waiting area. The doctor or nurse will come to collect you from the waiting room.

Sexual Health Service uses a unique patient numbering system which you will be given when you see the doctor/nurse. This is known as your clinic number, which is your unique number.

Consultation with the doctor/nurse

The doctor or nurse will then call you from the waiting room and direct you into a consultation room. The doctor/nurse will ask you questions, including sexual history. These questions will help them decide which tests to offer you.

The doctor/nurse will then examine your genital area and take some swabs. For men you will also be asked to provide a first catch urine sample after the examination.

All patients then have a blood test taken for HIV and Syphilis. These are routine tests that are offered to all patients who receive STI screening.

If you have any symptoms, we will also do some slides which we will be able to look at under a microscope in clinic on the day you attend. This will allow the doctor or nurse to diagnoses certain STI’s there and then which will enable them to treat you immediately.

You will be asked to wait in the sub-waiting area once the examination is finished. After waiting in the sub-waiting area for about 10 to 15 minutes we will call you back to give you the initial slide results and explain any findings following the genital examination.

If you require treatment, you will be given this by the doctor or nurse whilst you are in clinic and advised how to take/use the treatment. Any treatment needed is given free of charge to all clients who attend. If we do not have the required treatment in clinic to give you, the doctor/nurse may give you a prescription to take to the MedicX pharmacy which is found on the first floor of the Health Centre.

If you were found to have genital warts or molluscum you may be asked to return to the clinic for further treatment. The doctor/nurse will advise you when you need to return.

If your partner needs to be treated we will inform you and give you a contact slip of paper, which you give to your partner to bring to the GUM clinic.

Who will be present during my examination?

Patients are either examined by a doctor or a nurse. A Health Care Assistant (HCA) is usually present during your examination. The HCA acts as a chaperone when you are examined and helps pass the swabs to the doctor/nurse who is undertaking the examination.

If you would prefer to be treated by a doctor of your own sex we will try and accommodate you wherever possible, but it may not be possible at all times.

How will I get my results?

Some results and treatment may be available on the day of your examination. The Doctor or Nurse will inform you of these results and give you the necessary treatment before you leave the clinic.

Most other results (such as Chlamydia, HIV and Syphilis) will be ready in 10 to 14 working days from when the tests were taken.

We will only contact you via mobile or text (unless specified otherwise) for positive or abnormal results. If you wish you can also attend the clinic during normal opening hours to find out your results in person. However, please be aware that an appointment is necessary for this.

If you test positive for Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and/or Syphilis, you need to return for antibiotic treatment and your partner will also need treatment, which we can arrange.

If you test positive for thrush, you can return for anti-thrush treatment or go to a pharmacy to buy treatment. We can also arrange treatment for your partner if needed.

Same day HIV tests

If you would like a same day HIV test result you will need to attend the clinic before 11am on the day of the test. HIV results will be ready by 4.30 pm for those who have booked an appointment to have a same day HIV test.

Some patients may be asked to return in person for their HIV results. This will be discussed during the initial clinic visit.

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